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Pretty fun.

I really enjoy this game! Very well made and It had a lot of good scares.

Here's my playthrough, with some of my thoughts about the game at the end.

Thought it was an interesting concept, and the jumpscares got me more than a couple of times, but a bit of variation would have been nice. Also wish there was more to the story.

This is a great game, cool idea. I like the awake and asleep part. Made a 3 pt series!

part 2

And the last part!

hello, i have made 2 little parts of your really nice game. i love it so much. sorry for the quality of the videos, but i have only a old laptop, sorry. cool game

thx a lot for the dream theory


Neat game! Not a big fan of the walking parts, they were more of a chore than anything else. The bedroom was fun though!

I'm curious about the ending, is there a conclusion (who/what is the mudrerer etc) or is it an open ending?

As I said elsewhere, Nice horror game. :)

My gameplay video:


Hehe, glad to see your game up here, anyone not seen it should give it a go. this guy has a thing of popping in when you least expect it.

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