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In 2012 the infamous Group Anonymus seperated into two groups:
You shall fight against Novus-Anom, for as their aim is to have every single human beings identity and personal information so they can control the entire human population. But was this the real aim of the old Anonymus Group?
On the side of Senex-anom, who is still fighting for anonimity, you will fight, but this fight is not the hardest of all. Escaping the truth and the past is harder than anything. Thus it is Impossible.

Will you survive 'till the end?

Veni, Vidi, Vici.


Anonymus 142 MB


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Expoct us.


These guys I really hate, dam masks everywhere and they have no class but still pretty fast for me to deal with, careful when playing it though, there is flashing imagery.

YouTube: Fellowplayer